Reflections about integration, repopulation and regeneration at a human scale

Small is Important: learnings from a regeneration and integration project.

After 5 years as an association, in 2021 La Bolina carried out a participatory evaluation. This process has allowed us to reflect and learn together with other associations and people about the challenges, difficulties, successes and opportunities of a project with a systemic and community approach, and with an experimental and innovative character as La Bolina has been. We also hope that these reflections will raise awareness of some of the systemic problems that hinder agro ecological projects, repopulation and inclusion at a community level. 

We have used Participatory Action Research (PAR) as a framework for our evaluation. PAR combines two processes: reflecting and acting, involving the local population in both processes. 

The results of these collective reflections can be found in this book “Small is important: learnings from a regeneration and integration project”, which you can download below, on our Blogs and on our Youtube channel under the title Conversations For Change.

Many thanks to everyone who participated in the focus groups, interviews and conferences. Special thanks to the driving group who led this process: Ernest Gibba, Mar Osuna, Johana Fawkes, Sonia Hernández Plaza, Charaf El Makkaoui, Pilar Martínez, Maria Eugenia Vega, Ruth Cross and María Llanos.