La Bolina is an ecological, regenerative and intercultural association
based in El Valle

We’ve decided to start our vision right here where we live – El Valle; a municipality of three depopulating rural villages, between Granada and the coast. 

The La Bolina team moved to El Valle in December 2017 motivated by co-creating a project, and way of life, that balanced regeneration, integration and sustainability. 

We believe that through living locally and catalysing regenerative initiatives with others (in El Valle and further afield) we can together bring about sustained positive social and environmental change.

We are dedicated to the dignified and respectful integration of migrants and refugees , we run education and training programmes, we grow ecological veg to sell in veg boxes and to restaurants and eco shops bringing new circular economy to El Valle. 

Since arriving we have been joined by new project members, migrants and refugees, producers, students, collaborators and volunteers who have supported this young project to take root.

We are dedicated to the dignified and respectful integration of migrants and refugees

La Bolina is becoming integrated locally and regionally and our team members are becoming an active part of village life. This means that through connecting with local people we are actively listening to what is needed and learning from local traditions – whilst also bringing a global perspective on complexity, migration and the need for regenerative agriculture and localised food systems.

La Bolina’s projects and actions adapt (like a living ecosystem) responding to changes in the local context – such as connections with people, new collaborators, local politics, the trends in migration and the realities of the Spanish asylum system, availability of land and learning new farming techniques.

In all of our activities we commit to:

  • live our values.
  • take courageous, responsible and positive action.
  • think, do and act with creativity.​​
  • meet all humans as humans and embody the values of equity, love and respect. 
  • embed ecological regeneration in all that we do, acknowledging the non-separateness of ourselves and nature.

Even though La Bolina is a young project it has gained international recognition for its dedication to regeneration, local rural development and work with migrants and refugees.